Treasure Boxes Treasure Boxes Kitty in Roses Donna Dewberry design. 118400530 Glamour in Grey with Pink This glamorous lady, designed by Kathryn Wood, will put a smile on a teen-aged girl's face. 118402016 One-Stroke Lion Donna Dewberry design 118402017 Kitty & Butterfly This is a combination of designs by Wendy Scott (Kitty) and Jurate Okura (Butterfly) 118402018 One-Stroke Monkey Donna Dewberry design 118402019 Frog & Dragonfly Based on a Donna Dewberry design 118402020 Ladybug's Elegant Cat Designed by Jan "Ladybug" McCraw. 118402021 Dragon The Treasure Box program does not get enough boxes for teenaged boys, so I painted several boxes with dragons from a free tatoo design. 118402022 Carousel Horses Designed by Jan "Ladybug" McCraw. 118402023 Glamour in Grey with Red The same glamorous lady designed by Kathryn Wood, this time with red lips. 118402024