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Hand-knotted Pearl & Other Necklaces

Is your pearl necklace broken? Has it been more than three years since your necklace was re-strung? I will re-string your pearls on fine silk threads and use French coil to connect the pearls to the clasp for the most professional appearance. I can also design and string a faux pearl necklace for you using fine silk thread, French Coil, and Swarovski Pearls. Swarovski has made the most-natural looking faux pearls available and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Swarovski's crystal faux pearls have a leaded crystal core that makes them heavier and more realistic than other faux pearls. The Swarovski crystal pearl coating is similar to a natural pearl lustre and is consistent in color with natural pearls. Swarovski crystal pearls are also resistant to perspiration, UV rays, perfumes, scratches and washing and they warm to the skin like natural pearls do. Email me at:
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