* One-Stroke & Tole Painting Classes * Jewelry Classes * Hand-Painted Items * Hand-Made Jewelry * Professional Pearl Stringing


 at Linda's Art Barn Studio

2 Hour Classes: 

  • 2 Hour Classes are $20, plus supplies
  • Purchase 5 Classes in advance for $80, plus supplies
  • Bring a friend and get $5 off one Class

2 Hour Private Lessons:

  • 2 Hour Private Lessons are $30, plus supplies
  • Purchase 5 Private Lessons in advance for $120, plus supplies

Pearl Stringing Classes:

  • Learn to measure silk thread for various length necklaces
  • Learn to hand-knot between pearls with silk thread
  • Learn to use French Coil to connect silk thread to the clasp
  • Learn to finish the clasp

Chain Maille Classes:

  • Learn to open and close jump rings correctly
  • Learn to connect jump rings to make an Inca Puno design bracelet
  • Learn to connect a clasp to the bracelet

Bead Weaving Classes:

There are many diffent types of bead weaving, so the things you learn will differ depending on the project.

  • Learn to choose the correct type of thread or stringing material
  • Learn to choose the beads needed for your project
  • Learn to do the stitch that applies to your project
  • Learn to attach a clasp to your project, if required