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Treasure Box Program

Please note that the Treasure Box Program is no longer in existence as an organized program.

However, I encourage you to make Treasure Boxes and donate them directly to the Shriner's Hospitals.  If you don't live near a Shriner's Hospital, you can donate them to children's wards in your local hospitals, especially hospitals where children are long-term patients. 


The Treasure Box Program was a non-profit organization which was started by Jan "Ladybug" McCraw.  She's a former nurse and well-known painter and designer in the decorative painting world. 

The idea is to paint or decorate keepsake boxes and donate them to Shriner's Hospitals for children from 5 to 17 years of age, who are receiving long-term care.  The boxes are just the right size to fit into the bedsite table drawers and are used for holding the children's treasures.

Ladybug's goal was to recruit enough people to paint and decorate boxes so that she could include more hospitals throughout the world.  That's why this Program needs more painters--even beginner painters!

Ladybug has retired and is no longer involved in this program, but you can still do it on your own.  Contact your nearest Shriner's Hospital.

Or you can paint boxes for the children's ward at your local hospital.  It's a good idea to contact them in advance and work out an agreement. 

I've been a Treasure Box Artist for several years.  It's so much fun to paint these boxes and so rewarding to know that each one brings a smile to a sick child's face.

It costs you very little.  We either use shoeboxes or store-bought paper mache boxes, which are 11x7x4 inches.  The boxes must have a removable lid.  Some of us paint designs, others use stickers, and some use a combination of paint and decorations.